Champagne Kisses

12:46 AM

Who can say no to some rock candy and gold rimmed champagne flutes? I certainly can't. With Valentine's Day a mere five days away I decided to try two new beverage recipes to share with all of you! This first concoction is super easy and super delicious. It would be perfect for a Valentine's cocktail party or brunch.

Featured Ingredients:
Red & White Polka Dot Cocktail Napkins
Rock Candy (pink, red and purple)
Cake Platter similar
+ A Water Filled Ramekin

Before pouring the champagne you must dip the champagne flutes into water and then into the edible glitter. Carefully pour the champagne in after. Add yummy rock candy and you are in for a sweet treat! Enjoy with a heart-shaped cupcake for full experience.

Cheers! xo

All photos by Kelsey Murray, Tickle Me Pink
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  1. This is super adorable!!!! Love it!!!


  2. I had a cocktail (called Champange-o-rama) this weekend that had a mix of grenadine and sugar around the rim. I strongly recommend it!