Six Things

8:50 AM

In January I decided to create a small list of goals or activities that I would try to act on every month. Last month I received a new planner, wrote all my thank you notes, organized my room, created a budget and this week (on my way to Florida) I started Girls In White Dresses. I did not tackle a new recipe, so that's still something I am looking forward to doing this month.

For February

+ Pins on Pins
I recently have become consumed by Pinterest and I want to continue adding to my boards. Currently I am obsessing over my Pink, Heart, Bows, Words and Mwah boards. 
Follow me to see them all!

+ Buy Less, Choose Wisely
I hate when I come home from a shopping spree and I've boughten things that I know I'll never wear or use. Those impulse purchases eat away on your bank account and this month I am pledging to look at everything I buy in a "do I really NEED this" sort of way.

+ New Recipe
I am thinking of trying to make these or these

+ Attend A Boston Blogger Event
Marking my calendar! I can't wait for a dinner with some fellow bloggers the week of Valentine's Day.

+ Buy Someone Else's Drink At Starbucks
That whole 'pay it forward' thing is good for the soul.

+ Set Deadlines.
I have a lot of aspirations and dreams and I have been patiently waiting to act on them. I think it may be time to make some decisions. More on that later!


  1. I love these! I need to do the "but only what you need" thing too. It's been crazy lately. And also, the Starbucks thing!! Doing it today!